With the current exponential expansions in the different sectors of business, industry and even government, getting skilled human resources became a concern for leaders and managers. From this point, Specialized Training & Consultation Center (STCC) was established to provide specialized training in a wide range of areas to reduce the learning curve and to get you the required talent. (STCC) also provides consultation services for training sectors, HR departments, and academia.

Our Vision

Specialized Training& Consultation Center (STCC) will be in the cutting edge of excellence centers that provide training and consulting services in various fields for individual, establishments and companies not only at the local level but also on the global.


Our Mission

Work to raise the skills and capabilities of human resources and development efficiency and performance of institutions and organizations through running integrated programs, A professional consulting, and delivery a high-quality training services.



Our Strategy

Build on the strengths and leadership in areas such as, science, engineering, management, instructional systems design, and education and extend these strengths to professionals and organizations through flexible, convenient training offerings.
Focus our resources on key programs that provide significant professional opportunities for our participants and address critical workforce development shortages in the region.
Strive for 100% customer satisfaction with our client and our corporate customers. We will also strive for 100% employee satisfaction to support our customer service goals.
Provide a challenging work environment that rewards working hard, working smart, teamwork and achieving results.


STCC Specialist

We have been established Specialized Training and Consultation Center from extracts experiences of a large number of specialists from academics and executives, consultants and experts in all fields and after studying many similar experiences and qualitative analysis of market needs and requirements of enterprises and institutions in various sectors.

Thus, the Specialized Center has been taken from his title and the way it works and beacon

STCC Network

STCC relies on a network of specialized trainers and consultants in each area and field of training and consultation. This network of qualified practitioners expands all over the world. This way, we offer an excellence class of training and consultation services to our clients.