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    ◊◊◊◊  The Specialized Training Center is pleased to announce of set specialized courses in fields of gold, stock exchange and oil markets 

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Welcome to the Specialized Center for Training and Consultation

With the current exponential expansions in the different sectors of business industry and even government, getting skilled human resources became a concern for leaders and managers. From this point, Specialized Training & Consultation Center (STCC) was established to provide specialized training in a wide range of areas to reduce the learning curve and to get you the required talent. (STCC) also provides consultation services for training sectors, HR departments, and academia.

Upcoming Courses
LocationStart DateDuration (Days)Course TitleCode
Istanbul14/08/202210Banking Risk ManagementBMC-01
Cairo28/08/202210Management & Treatment of Bad DebtsBMC-18
Cairo18/09/202210Criteria for Credit Decision%d8%a7%d9%86%d9%8a/"> MakingBMC-02
Manama16/10/202205Management of Real Estate AssetREI-01
Khobar23/10/202205 Modern Trends in the Management of Purchases & Dealing with SuppliersPWL-14
Jeddah23/10/2022Management of Medical InsuranceINS-49

Training Categories 

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Gold, Oil & Market Exchange

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